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``A turning point in my business``

 Dublin City LEO suggested that it would be very beneficial for me to work with a mentor who would guide me on taking it to the next stage. Aoife Harrington was recommended due to her expertise in design and product development  across a broad range of industries . Mentoring was a completely new experience for me and one that I had not considered before but Aoife`s expert advice and guidance has had a transforming effect on my business. Currently KOTANICAL are the only essential oils distilled in Ireland and it was really important to me that this aspect was featured clearly through branding and story. When we met I already had a lot of the elements of the business such as the products, oils and general overview in place,but the mentoring sessions encouraged me to put a structure in place that became the foundation of my business.  By focusing on branding, the influence and meaning of colour and creating a story behind each of our fragrances, the whole look and feel of the product range changed dramatically. Aoife`s mentoring guidance has had huge impact on the growth and development of KOTANICAL and given us the confidence to search for new markets and new opportunities.

Karl Murray





amanda c.png

Amanda Christie Designs

Early in 2015 I realised I needed help and direction in growing my Lampshade business into the retail sector. A business colleague recommended Aoife Harrington as the`` go to person`` who as well as being a professional established designer was an expert in new product development.During my first meeting with Aoife, this and more proved to be true. Aoife is a great listener and has the ability to distil all the facts and get to the nub of the issue very quickly. In fact, during our conversation I had what can only be described as an epiphany in terms of the changes I needed to make to have a successful business. Aoife’s industry knowledge and commercial awareness was instrumental in the decisions I subsequently made and my business has gone from strength to strength. It also led me to streams of revenue which I hadn’t previously considered. I feel very fortunate in having had Aoife as a business coaching advisor and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Mandy Finan


Mind Over Matter - in aid of AWARE


``I consider myself to be very lucky to have chosen Aoife as a mentor at the Mind Over matter workshop in Dublin recently. She has a wealth of experience that really shines through. I gained more insight in that one hour with her than I have in a long time,proving it really is quality and not quantity that counts. She was extremely engaging ,and departed on me a greater perspective. Truth be told, I found her to be an inspiration.

I hope to work with her in a more permanent manner in the future``

William, Nutrition & Health Business.



As part of the Enterprise Ireland new Frontiers programme we were offered an opportunity to work with a mentor as part of the programme. We chose to work with Aoife Harrington as it was immediately obvious that her experience of design, building product collections and how to create a unique story behind a collection was exactly what we were looking for.We were really impressed by the expertise, project management skills and pure energy that she brought to every meeting. Together we reviewed our product range from a design and commercial perspective, and with Aoife`s experience of looking forward and planning ahead we were able to create a structure around design collections, stocks, purchasing and manufacturing. We really recommend Aoife to anybody needing a fresh pair of eyes to look at your business.

Catriona McGinley




I chose Aoife from a panel of mentors through Enterprise Ireland. I chose her because we have both studied design in NCAD and I knew I could identify with her experience. My mentoring experience with Aoife was very beneficial. Aoife is enthusiastic, energetic and generous with her knowledge and her time. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with her.





Testimonial  - Graduate fashion designer


I recently saw the fashion job of my dreams advertised in London and decided ``I want this`` .

I was advised that with her experience of the industry, Aoife Harrington was the person to talk to and might be able to coach me to give me the edge on other candidates.  She had an amazing insight into the role that was being offered and the inside track on how the whole design and manufacturing process worked from the top department right through to the administration.

I got the job!

Sarah, Cork